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About Us

Accent Pet Styling is proud to announce that we were voted Number One in the Readers Choice Award for Charlotte Sun News Paper in 2011 and 2012. We have included bios so you may learn the background and love for animals of both our owners. We treat all pets as part of our family.

Isabel Campos

  • Certified by the New York School of Dog
  • Grooming
  • Co-Owner and Master Groomer
  • Grooming Instructor
  • Over 30 Years Grooming Experience
Isabel's love for animals began as a small child spending more time with her pets then she ever did with humans. At the age of 17 she worked as a kennel technician, later as a vet assistant. In 1986 Isabel pursued pet grooming as a profession and was certified by the New York School of Dog Grooming. With her connection and compassion, she is able to work with many animals (which she has since she was a child), dogs, cats, etc., and has built a reputation of working with the most difficult, such as the elderly, the very young (kittens and puppies) and pets with disabilities. Because of this and the quality of her work, vets continue to refer her as an excellent groomer. With her approach to grooming and interaction, pets overcome their fears.

Isabel has also trained with dog trainers and behaviorists to better understand animals. She worked at prestigious grooming salons on Park Avenue, Upper East Side and the Village in New York City and catered to a very demanding clientele. After moving to New Mexico, Isabel founded the first pet grooming school in Albuquerque New Mexico in 1992. Throughout the years Isabel has successfully trained many students who went on to start their own flourishing grooming business. In 2001 Isabel teamed up with Renee Campos in a successful pet grooming business in Santa Fe New Mexico. After visiting sunny Florida, they decided to make this their home and founded Accent Pet Styling in 2003.

Isabel’s desire is to improve the standards of grooming and safety in the S.W. Florida area so we can give better care and compassion to the pets that are entrusted to us and to bring true professional conduct in pet grooming.


Renee Campos Renee Campos

  • 12 Years of Management Experience in the
  • Medical Field
  • Certified by Canine Country Club of New Mexico
  • Over 11 Years of Grooming Experience

Renee has always enjoyed having a pet ever since she can remember, she felt they were always there and appreciated her attentive friendship. Instead of dolls, Renee would dress up her cat with the matching dress and hats her grandma would make. She always felt a connection and could never understand how some folks could mistreat them. It's always been difficult for her to witness neglect or abuse towards an animal; she felt they are
helpless in this world we have domesticated them in. As a young adult, Renee owned several pets. Concerned about how her pets were treated and unhappy with the quality of the grooming her pets received, she began grooming her own poodles and realized not only did she thoroughly enjoy it but had a knack for, so after twelve years of managing in a medical laboratory, she decided to pursue her wish, to not only work with animals but learn to make them feel great and look beautiful.

Renee trained for her professional pet grooming certification at the Canine Country Club of Albuquerque New Mexico under the instruction of Isabel Campos. Renee was an outstanding student learning grooming at a faster pace than her peers; she then went on to start her own grooming business. In 2001 she joined ventures with Isabel Campos in a business in Santa Fe
New Mexico. This was their first "cage-free" setting. Renee felt good to know that with
the knowledge she gained, she could care for these wonderful four legged friends; after
all, any animal lover knows that they are like children to us.

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